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fringelands: A Photographic Exploration of Mumbai’s Natural Borders is a photo book in progress containing images and stories about the geographic and natural borders of Mumbai. Photographer Craig Boehman explores many of the coastal regions of Mumbai, including several of the Koliwada fishing villages, the Darukhana ship-breaking yard, the methi famers of Versova Beach, the Kadeshwari slum, among other non-tourist locales around greater Mumbai.

Collected images span several years, from roughly 2015 to-date. Several cameras have been used, including Canon, Sony mirrorless cameras, and phones.

The intent of this book is to show the world another side of India, specifically “non-exotic India” and the everyday life on Mumbai’s perimeter, or its fringe lands. The contents will include an introduction, images and captions, and accompanying text in the form of first-person accounts by Craig Boehman and his perspective as an American photographing India.
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